ITU-T D.9-1988 专门租用发射机或接收机 Private leasing of transmitters or receivers

pdf标准 ITU-T D.9-1988 专门租用发射机或接收机 Private leasing of transmitters or receivers

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ITU-T D.9-1988 专门租用发射机或接收机 Private leasing of transmitters or receivers 第 1 页 ITU-T D.9-1988 专门租用发射机或接收机 Private leasing of transmitters or receivers 第 2 页 ITU-T D.9-1988 专门租用发射机或接收机 Private leasing of transmitters or receivers 第 3 页
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INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATION UNION )45 4 $ TELECOMMUNICATION STANDARDIZATION SECTOR OF ITU '%.%2!, 4!2)&& 02).#)0,%3 02)6!4% ,%!3).' /& 42!.3-)44%23 /2 2%#%)6%23 )45 4 Recommendation $ (Extract from the "LUE "OOK) NOTES 1 ITU-T Recommendation D.9 was published in Fascicle II.1 of the Blue Book. This file is an extract from the Blue Book. While the presentation and layout of the text might be slightly different from the Blue Book version, the contents of the file are identical to the Blue Book version and copyright conditions remain unchanged (see below). 2 In this Recommendation, the expression “Administration” is used for conciseness to indicate both a telecommunication administration and a recognized operating agency. © ITU 1988, 1993 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and microfilm, without permission in writing from the ITU. Recommendation D.91) Fascicle II.1 - Rec. D.9 PRIVATE LEASING OF TRANSMITTERS OR RECEIVERS 1 There are no objections in principle to the lease of transmitters or receivers to users interested only in sending or receiving spoken messages or pictures, provided of course that such arrangements are compatible with the responsibilities which Administrations have accepted by their adherence to the International Telecommunication Convention and associated Regulations. 2 Charges for the lease of such equipement should be determined by the Administration concerned and they would not appear in international accounts. 3 Conditions to be met by lessees of transmitters or receivers should in principle be as follows: a) the radiocommunications in question must not contain any advertisement or message of a private character; b) names and addresses of senders and intended recipients must be made known to all Administrations, each one of which shall decide, in respect of recipients in its own territory, whether or not to permit participation. Any alterations should also be notified promptly; c) the Administrations concerned shall take all practicable steps to ensure that communications shall only be used by authorized recipients and that the provisions of the Convention as regards secrecy of telecommunications are observed; d) transmissions shall be at fixed times and, in the case of spoken messages, in pre-arranged languages; e) such other conditions as may be required by national law. 4 Where the lease of a transmitter in one country and a receiver in another country is required to provide a unidirectional circuit, or even where a multi-destination service is envisaged, Administrations concerned, although retaining the right to determine the charges for equipement leased in their own country may nevertheless, if they think it desirable, consult with each other in order to ensure that overall charges do not prejudice public service tariff scales. Reference [1] CCITT Recommendation Operation of intercontinental telephone services (initial system), White Book, Vol. II-A, Rec. E.142, Section H, ITU, Geneva, 1969. _______________ 1) Formerly a part of the Recommendation cited in [1]. Fascicle II.1 - Rec. D.9 1

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