ITU-T F.20-1988 国际电路交换公众电报业务 The international gentex service

pdf标准 ITU-T F.20-1988 国际电路交换公众电报业务 The international gentex service

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ITU-T F.20-1988 国际电路交换公众电报业务 The international gentex service 第 1 页 ITU-T F.20-1988 国际电路交换公众电报业务 The international gentex service 第 2 页 ITU-T F.20-1988 国际电路交换公众电报业务 The international gentex service 第 3 页 ITU-T F.20-1988 国际电路交换公众电报业务 The international gentex service 第 4 页 ITU-T F.20-1988 国际电路交换公众电报业务 The international gentex service 第 5 页
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INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATION UNION )45 4 TELECOMMUNICATION STANDARDIZATION SECTOR OF ITU /0%2!4)/.3 !.$ 15!,)49 /& 3%26)#% 4%,%'2!0( 3%26)#%3 4(% ).4%2.!4)/.!, '%.4%8 3%26)#% )45 4 Recommendation & (Extract from the "LUE "OOK) & NOTES 1 ITU-T Recommendation F.20 was published in Fascicle II.4 of the Blue Book. This file is an extract from the Blue Book. While the presentation and layout of the text might be slightly different from the Blue Book version, the contents of the file are identical to the Blue Book version and copyright conditions remain unchanged (see below). 2 In this Recommendation, the expression “Administration” is used for conciseness to indicate both a telecommunication administration and a recognized operating agency. © ITU 1988, 1993 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and microfilm, without permission in writing from the ITU. Recommendation F.20 Fascicle II.4 - Rec. F.20 THE INTERNATIONAL GENTEX SERVICE The CCITT, unanimously declares (1) that the following provisions should be adopted for the gentex service; (2) that Administrations should make arrangements for their offices to apply these provisions. 1 General 1.1 The gentex network is made up of telegraph offices, switching centres and telegraph channels, interconnecting the offices to switching centres and the switching centres to each other. 1.2 The gentex network is operated by fully automatic switching. 1.3 Gentex signalling shall be in accordance with CCITT Recommendations relative to telegraph switching technique. 2 Call-numbers and answer-back codes 2.1 Unless other arrangements are made, the call-number dialled by a gentex office to call a gentex office in another country is made up of: – the prefix giving acces to the called country from the calling country; – the call-number of the called office, which must comprise figures only, up to a maximum of 8 figures; the call from the national network or another number especially selected for the purpose. 2.2 The answer-back codes of the equipment used in the genetex service are made up of 20 signals. 2.3 The composition of answer-back codes shall be in accordance with the provisions of Recommendation F.21. 3 Equipment of positions in telegraph offices 3.1 Transmitting or receiving positions in the gentex service shall be equipped with tape-printing or page-printing teleprinters using International Telegraph Alphabet No. 2, possessing an answer-back unit and able to work, if necessary, in simplex. 3.2 Positions shall be equipped for the following: − − the clearing of calls; − reception of the bell (figure J) signal; − 3.3 the setting-up of calls; an alarm or transmission of the clearing signal if the paper runs out. As far as possible, these positions shall also be equipped to signal the following: − equipment out of service; − tape broken; − faulty tape feed. 3.4 In an office, the positions used in the gentex service can be grouped into those specializing in transmission and those specializing in reception. Administrations shall arrange this specialization so that the incoming grade of service shall not be less than the CCITT recommended limits. Fascicle II.4 - Rec. F.20 1 3.5 Both-way and incoming-only positions in the same office shall all have a common call-number. When one of these positions is engaged or faulty, a call arriving at that office shall be directed to a free position in the same group. 4 Routing lists 4.1 All countries taking part in the gentex service shall draw up a routing list containing information about the routing of traffic, and shall supply this list to the ITU for distribution to the other countries concerned. This list shall comprise: shall precede the name of every office a) the telegraph offices connected to the gentex network. The sign taking part in telegram transmission only, but available for a direct call when service correspondence has to be exchanged; b) offices that, while not connected, normally deal with a fair amount of international traffic. 4.2 Routing lists should be of the A4 size (210 × 297 mn) and should contain the following information: a) in the first column, the alphabetical list of the offices chosen in accordance with § 4.1 above (names of telegraph offices connected to the gentex network are in heavy type); b) in the second column, the call-number of the gentex office to be called for routing traffic to the office shown in the first column, with no restriction sign (a space is left in this column for inserting the prefix or prefixes to obtain access to the country concerned); c) in the third column, the answer-back codes of the offices connected to the gentex

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