ITU-T F.100-1988 预定的无线通信业务 Scheduled radiocommunication service

pdf标准 ITU-T F.100-1988 预定的无线通信业务 Scheduled radiocommunication service

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ITU-T F.100-1988 预定的无线通信业务 Scheduled radiocommunication service 第 1 页 ITU-T F.100-1988 预定的无线通信业务 Scheduled radiocommunication service 第 2 页 ITU-T F.100-1988 预定的无线通信业务 Scheduled radiocommunication service 第 3 页 ITU-T F.100-1988 预定的无线通信业务 Scheduled radiocommunication service 第 4 页
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INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATION UNION )45 4 TELECOMMUNICATION STANDARDIZATION SECTOR OF ITU /0%2!4)/.3 !.$ 15!,)49 /& 3%26)#% 4%,%'2!0( 3%26)#%3 3#(%$5,%$ 2!$)/#/--5.)#!4)/. 3%26)#%3 )45 4 Recommendation & (Extract from the "LUE "OOK) & NOTES 1 ITU-T Recommendation F.100 was published in Fascicle II.4 of the Blue Book. This file is an extract from the Blue Book. While the presentation and layout of the text might be slightly different from the Blue Book version, the contents of the file are identical to the Blue Book version and copyright conditions remain unchanged (see below). 2 In this Recommendation, the expression “Administration” is used for conciseness to indicate both a telecommunication administration and a recognized operating agency. © ITU 1988, 1993 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and microfilm, without permission in writing from the ITU. Recommendation F.100 Fascicle II.4 - Rec. F.100 SCHEDULED RADIOCOMMUNICATION SERVICES The CCITT, unanimously declares that the following rules should be adopted for the scheduled radiocommunication service. 1 General 1.1 These rules are to be observed in the scheduled radiocommunication service in which radiocommunications are transmitted to one or more destinations. 1.2 Only those senders and addressees who satisfy the provisions and conditions agreed between the Administrations concerned shall be allowed to participate in this service. 2 Conditions of acceptance 2.1 Transmissions over the scheduled radiocommunication service must consist only of information and news relating to politics, commerce, etc., and must contain no communication of a private nature and no messages on behalf of third parties. They may include, however, brief indications as to how they should be passed on and to whom, provided that the time required to transmit them does not exceed 5 per cent of the total time taken to transmit the information or news, or, where appropriate, 5 per cent of the number of words of which the information or news consists. 2.2 The sender shall communicate to the Administration of the country of emission the addresses of any intended recipient or recipients. 2.3 The radiocommunications may be expressed either in plain language or in secret language, as decided by the Administrations of the countries of emission and of reception. In the absence of special arrangements between the Administrations concerned, the only languages authorized for plain language shall be French, one of the languages designated by the country of origin or one of the languages of one of the countries of reception. The Administrations of the countries of emission and of reception shall reserve to themselves the right to require the deposit of the codes used. 2.4 The radio transmissions shall bear, as the address, an arbitrary word placed immediately before the text. 3 Conditions of transmission 3.1 The Administration of the country of emission shall communicate to the other Administrations the address of any person residing in their territory for whom the radiocommunications are intended. It shall notify, in addition, in respect of each addressee, the date fixed for the first reception, the name of the emitting station and the address of the sender. The Administrations shall notify one another of any changes which occur in the number and the addresses of the senders and recipients. 3.2 Where the services are operated by recognized private operating agencies, Administrations may authorize such agencies to communicate the notifications required under the preceding paragraph. 3.3 Each Administration shall take, as far as is practicable, suitable measures to ensure that only the stations authorized for this special service of communication make use of the radiocommunications in question and then only of those intended for them. The provisions of the Convention relating to the secrecy of telecommunications shall apply to these radiocommunications. 3.4 These radiocommunications shall be transmitted at fixed times. 4 Conditions of reception 4.1 The Administration of the country of reception shall decide whether reception shall be permitted in its country. It may authorize the direct reception of such communications by the addressees designated by the sender or may itself make reception equipment available to the addressees to this end. It shall notify the Administration of the country of emission of the conditions under which reception takes place. Fascicle II.4 - Rec. F.100 1 5 Charging 5.1 The charge to be collected from the sender shall be fixed by the Administration of the country of emission. 5.2 Apart from any charges levied for

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